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Staff NameEmail AddressGrade LevelWebsite
Staff NameEmail AddressGrade LevelWebsite
Auton, Lindsay lindseyauton@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Barnes, Robin rbarnes@burke.k12.nc.us ISS Coordinator  
Bass, Lisa lisamcmahan@burke.k12.nc.us  
Buchanan, Heather  hbuchanan@burke.k12.nc.us  
Butler, Caroline carolinebutler@burke.k12.nc.us Instructional Coach  
Caldwell, LaShawn lashawncaldwell@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Caldwell, Phyllis  pcaldwell@burke.k12.nc.us Reading Plus  
Caldwell, Teresa tcaldwell@burke.k12.nc.us Cafeteria  
Chownyk, Jane echownyk@burke.k12.nc.us Media Coordinator  
Clark, Judy tilane@burke.k12.nc.us Cafeteria Coordinator  
Cook, Benjamin  bcook@burke.k12.nc.us Art Instructor  
Costner, Stacy scostner@burke.k12.nc.us  
Davis, Katherine kdavis@burke.k12.nc.us Data Manager https://sites.google.com/site/keddsnews/ 
Diab, Janice  jdiab@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Ervin, Camey cameyervin@burke.k12.nc.us Counselor TRMS Counselors 
French, Janet janetfrench@burke.k12.nc.us Nurse  
Fullbright, Renee  rfullbright@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Goad, Teresa tgoad@burke.k12.nc.us Cafeteria  
Greene, Janet  jgreene@burke.k12.nc.us Health / PE  
Hall, Cindy chall@burke.k12.nc.us Office Secretary  
Haught, Jeffrey  jhaught@burke.k12.nc.us  
Hodges, Renee  rhodges@burke.k12.nc.us  
Keys, Amber amberkeys@burke.k12.nc.us Chorus / Music Instructor  
Kramer, Heather hkramer@burke.k12.nc.us Counselor TRMS Counselors 
Leikam, Diane dianeleikam@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Logan, Kimberly kimlogan@burke.k12.nc.us Gear-Up Coordinator  
Long, Kimberly  klong@burke.k12.nc.us Project Lead The Way   
Manuel, Caldwell mcaldwell@burke.k12.nc.us Custodian   
McCoy, Karlyn  kmccoy@burke.k12.nc.us Computers  
Monday, Sharon  smonday@burke.k12.nc.us  
Nelson, Linda  lindanelson@burke.k12.nc.us School Psychologist  
Newman, Bridget bridgetnewman@burke.k12.nc.us  
Nile, Joel jnile@burke.k12.nc.us  
Pieto, Joanne  jpieto@burke.k12.nc.us  
Pieto, Phillip  ppieto@burke.k12.nc.us Health / PE  
Price, Kim  kdprice@burke.k12.nc.us  
Pritchard, Cynthia  clpritchard@burke.k12.nc.us  
Rector, Niki  nrector@burke.k12.nc.us  
Simpson, Tommie  tsimpson@burke.k12.nc.us Band Director  
Smith, Caleb calebsmith@burke.k12.nc.us  
Smith, Heather  hsmith@burke.k12.nc.us  
Southworth, Hillary hillarysouthworth@therapysourcenc.com Speech  
Tanner, Randle rtanner@burke.k12.nc.us  
Thomas, Jill jthomas@burke.k12.nc.us Custodian   
Thompson, Julie jthompson@burke.k12.nc.us Book Keeper  
Toney, Christopher  christoney@burke.k12.nc.us Health / PE  
Toothman, Bradley  btoothman@burke.k12.nc.us  
Watts, Joseph jwatts@burke.k12.nc.us  Custodian Coordinator  
Weider, Jennifer  jweider@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Whitney, Judith jwhitney@burke.k12.nc.us Cafeteria  
Wiles, Chad chadwiles@burke.k12.nc.us SRO  
Young, Elizabeth elizabethyoung@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Young, Sarah sarahyoung@burke.k12.nc.us  
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